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John Winsor Delivers an Insightful Abundance Keynote

 - Jul 25, 2012
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In this abundance keynote, Victor and Spoils CEO John Winsor addresses the trials and tribulations of harnessing the world of data. In a world were it is easy to become swept away in the chaos of information, Winsor provides companies a way to use social media and to engage a dialogue in order to harness the powers of the Internet. Winsor sees the "Meification" of social media as a way to improve the self using data in order to live a better life. The importance here is making it easier for people to create a personalized format with only pulling up the relevant data. The ability for us to manage ourselves and our time and social networks become curation tools.

Winsor provides four things brands can do in order to take advantage of this meification and harness the chaos of abundance. First -- make the brand a vessel for fans' creativity. The next is to use co-creation and take a collaborative advantage working with the community using the power of fans and followers. The third step is staying open and transparent as a brand. And, finally it is following the mantra that curation is king when allowing for every creative idea to be captured.