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From Building Youth Confidence to Youth Involvement in Business

 - Feb 5, 2014
These speeches on youth touch on a wide variety of topics including how to boost a teenager's confidence to the ways the brain of teenager differs from the brain of an adult. Many of these keynotes are in fact delivered by teenagers, which offers an unparalleled collection of mindsets and perspectives.

One of the most interesting speeches comes from Dr. Adriana Galvan who explains how an adolescent brain is more likely to be open to new things in terms of creativity, learning and relationships than the brain of someone in their mid twenties. She believes that adolescents need to take advantage of every single new opportunity with which they are presented because it could have drastic impacts on their lives in the future.

Sarah-Jayne Blakemor's speech aims to decode the often impulsive behavior of adolescents and she credits this too to the development the brain is experiencing during this time.

The Nancy Lublin speech shows the ways youth behavior can actually be used to save lives; she started, which runs based off of text messages for social change. She's found that teenagers are much more inclined to seek help or advice when it is done so privately through texting, something very natural to younger generations.