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These Speeches on the Environment Explore New Green Methods & Practices

 - May 21, 2013
These speeches on the environment address a very comprehensive list of sustainability and environment-related issues. These speeches are presented by environmentalists, scientists, politicians and individuals in business who all offer very valuable and insightful opinions and perspectives on the topics discussed here.

A common theme to emerge here is that cities have the potential to have a hugely positive impact on the environment and the lifestyles of urban dwellers. Individuals like Robert Hammond and Eduardo Paes discuss the ways cities are being powered through solar energy sources and how some cities are well on their way to becoming self-sustaining. Such news is extremely promising as many were originally under the impression that no damage could be reversed.

Iconic CEO Richard Branson identifies solving the world's environmental challenges as the biggest entrepreneurial opportunity to ever exist. He reminds his audiences that there is no "Plan B" that will come to the planet's rescue and that individuals needs to act now.