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Barack Obama Discusses the Action Being Taken in Green Projects

 - Feb 26, 2012
References: barackobama & youtube
While President Barack Obama is known by many for his inspiring political keynotes and speeches, this particular talk sheds light on his impressive knowledge about the environment, as well as the actions he is taking as America's president to combat climate change.

Obama's speech discusses his plans for revitalizing America's role in energy. He discusses the effects rising gas prices are having on the economy, mentioning personal letters he's received from civilians. In one instance, the writer of the letter was fearful of being forced to quit their job due to the financial burden of fuel. He goes on to say that efforts have been effective. The use of clean, renewable energy has nearly doubled. There are operations in motion to supply 100 years worth of safe natural gases for the country, which will in turn create 60,000 jobs.