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From Teachers as Role Models to How to Inspire Your Team

 - May 23, 2014
Discussing the qualities of a great leader can lead to a never-ending dialogue depending on who is involved in the conversation. These curated speeches aim to pinpoint what the featured speakers observe to be the best qualities for a leader to possess in the work world today. A common theme throughout these speeches is that the most successful leaders of today will not micromanage employees, but will instead trust them and empower them to excel.

Google's Jenny Lykken believes that today's strong leader should care about the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of his or her employees. Succeeding in the office is directly related to succeeding outside the office.

Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo argues that a strong leader will be able to put together the most effective team. She or he will understand the personalities, strengths and weaknesses needed to create unison and balance.

Being able to empower marginalized people and equip them with the tools they need to succeed is the most valuable quality of a good leader in the eyes of Robin Chaurasiya.

This is a topic that brings about plenty of different opinions and perspectives and these speeches provide insight that will be useful for leaders across all industries.