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From Minimalist Lifestyle Philosophies to Solving Spiritual Emptiness

 - Aug 20, 2016
These presentations on purpose discuss your calling in life and how it is central, not just to personal happiness and fulfillment, but also influences business and the greater good.

Some of these presentations on purpose offer ways to find your own, including a fulfilling life keynote by author Simon Sinek. His talk on the power of purpose helps people find their passion by exploring the 'Golden Circle.' With applications on an organizational as well as individual level, this speech analyzes what you do, how you do it and ultimately why you do it as well.

Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses infusing work with purpose in his values talk. He believes careers should be built not just on self-improvement, but making a difference in the world as well. In her life choices keynote, Barbara Walters speaks about the idea of finding bliss in life. She believes following your calling or bliss is the key to success.