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From the Benefits of Gaming to Simple Innovation

 - Jun 24, 2014
This collection of presentations on problem solving is an update to a course previously featured on the site. Entrepreneurs, leaders, designers and artists are constantly seeking out more efficient and effective ways to find solutions. This updated collection offers more tips and strategies to improve problem-solving across a variety of industries.

The talk by Martin Villeneuve suggests that a crisis is the best thing that can happen to someone during a project because it forces them to really evaluate the situation and probe for better solutions. It also forces people to study other areas or elements of whatever it is they are working on, which can enable positive changes that would have been otherwise overlooked.

Doug Ward believes that societal problems can be solved much quicker when people adopt the mindset that they shouldn't wait until their career is over to start giving back to the community. He believes that one can base a career off of contributing to society in valuable ways.

Serra Titiz suggests that problems are more effectively solved when someone has a personal connection to them. For this reason, individuals should seek jobs that complement their values and personalities and not be so focused on landing jobs at massive multinational corporations.

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