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The Karl Johnny Hersvik speech on the importance of innovation explains how technology is not always...

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Karl Johnny Hersvik's Importance in Innovation Speech Looks at the Big Picture

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: statoil & youtu.be
The importance in innovation speech given by Karl Johnny Hersvik explains why big companies need to innovate. Hersvik explains that innovation is simple. He believes all problems have a solution, and that is what innovation is -- improving a challenging circumstance.

While one cannot predict the future, one must listen to the world and collaborate with others. It is not necessarily about technology, it is more about having big ideas and lots of ambition. Quality breeds innovation, and since big companies have more resources than small ones they are more adept at solving problems. The question for these firms, is do they have the right challenges? Defining the link between the problem and solution is the key factor.

In his importance in innovation speech, Hersvik outlines not only why it is crucial, but also how one can innovate and why others struggle to.