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Stavros Michailidis' Idea Momentum Keynote Offers a Formula

 - Oct 24, 2012
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Stavros Michailidis, an expert in creativity and innovation, discusses a formula for innovating in this idea momentum keynote. Doing something with a good idea is often challenging; whether there is a lack of resources or support, sometimes the conditions aren't conducive for something to materialize.

Ideas are like snowflakes in that they are fragile, unique, pretty and they can land anywhere. Michailidis wanted to know if there was a specific formula for an idea's momentum, like there is for an object's momentum. The mass of an idea would be the resources allocated to it and the velocity can be interpreted as the different situations -- such as support, the economy -- that affect it.

If these elements could be definitively interpreted or discovered, would all ideas materialize into something? This idea momentum keynote reminds the audiences that is the unknown that keeps ideas and innovation present in life.