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From the Power of Affairs to Redefining the Adult Age

 - Sep 14, 2014
Different people will define a "modern marriage" very differently; this collection of talks and speeches offers a variety of opinions on the matter. From philosophers to sociologists and even scientists, the beliefs surrounding the topic vary quite a bit.

One of the most interesting -- and controversial -- speeches comes from Noel Biderman. He believes that having an affair outside of a marriage actually has the potential to save it. He suggests that sexual relations do not necessarily need to be part of a successful marriage, and if people acknowledged that, divorce rates would go down.

Alternatively, Esther Perel believes that the modern marriage has evolved to become a relationship based on love -- not economic or societal pressures, making it more likely to cultivate real intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

While the topic will forever remain one that is highly debated, these speakers offer useful and interesting information and opinions.