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From Selling a Lifestyle to Successful Online Branding

 - Feb 21, 2013
This collection of speeches offers lessons from the fashion industry. Supermodels, designers and brand strategists discuss topics like social media, the paradigm of beauty, the influence of the media and innovation strategies.

Runway model Cameron Russell discusses the perception of beauty and its legacy. The legacy she speaks of is her white skin and slim figure, which has historically been the predominant image of beauty across. Shedding light on this, she provides insight into the cultural and ethnic divides that permeate the industry.

Famed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi's fashion innovation keynote discusses the creativity process and what personally inspires his work. He explains how his ideas come from mistakes and tricks of the eye. Mistakes can be beautiful and functional.

The iconic Tory Burch and Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts explore the ways social media has benefited their companies in terms of customer service, product feedback and marketing.

These keynotes not only feature familiar faces but they also offer valuable advice that can be applied in a number of fields.