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Explore Some of the Highlights from Google I O 2013

 - May 28, 2013
The Google I O 2013 conference came to an end just over two weeks ago, but the presentations audiences witnessed continue to buzz all over the Internet. The Google I O conference is an annual event that brings together thousands of developers to unveil new developments and software in web, mobile and enterprise applications. New products and software are often unveiled and discussed in-depth with demo presentations and Q&A sessions.

Some of the highlights from these speeches include the innovation keynote speech on Google Glass by Timothy Jordan who demonstrates to his audience how the new device can be worn every day to improve the lives of people all over the world.

Another standout speech of Google I O 2013 came from Brian McLendon. During his speech, he discusses the evolution of Google Maps and where it is headed in the future. His speech displays inclusive appeal -- not just for developers -- as he shares the fascinating history of a very commonly used app.