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Vic Gundotra Shows New Social Media Platform in His Google Plus Keynote

 - May 20, 2013
References: youtube
Vic Gundotra unveils the recent changes that were integrated in the updated Google Plus systems in this Google Plus keynote.

The new Google Plus showcases 41 new features in its systems. The highlights showcase the new design format for Google Plus, 'Hangouts' and Innovative Photo Cloud sharing.

The updated Google Plus design column is aesthetically in-depth and houses various programming systems that will greatly affect users of Google. It integrates an innovative hash-tagging system, which is as a similar format to Twitter. The Hangouts feature a conversation system that allows for multiple users to interact with one another across multiple platforms. The Photo Cloud sharing system has been outfitted with algorithms that have been outfitted with human distinction.

The new features that were showcased in this Google Plus keynote will bring some exciting changes in the platform of social media.