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Nikhyl Singhal Talks About Connecting in This Google Hangouts Keynote

 - May 22, 2013
References: youtube
During this Google Hangouts keynote, Nikhyl Singhal demonstrates how users can easily sync the conversations from every platform using the improved mobile messaging app.

Google introduced the messaging platform called Hangouts which works with Android, Chrome, iOS and Gmail. Hangouts intelligently decides who you are most likely to talk to and puts them in an easy to access sidebar. This Google Hangouts keynote is about connecting other products such as Gmail and Google Docs to make a synchronized Google experience. Google Hangouts is making the Google experience more complete.

During this Google Hangouts keynote, Nikhyl Singhal explains how important this aspect will be to users who are looking to connect in real-time. He also reassures users and Google faithfuls that this mobile messaging app is the first of many communication improvements.