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These Speeches Highlight Some of the Top Gadgets in Honor of CES 2014

 - Jan 10, 2014
CES 2014 -- more formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show -- is an annual conference at which hundreds of new tech-focused products are unveiled to the public. has rounded up some its favorite tech-focused speeches it has featured on the site to honor this exciting event.

These speeches include many Apple product keynotes by Steve Jobs as well as his successor and other senior executives at the company. It's incredible to watch the keynote in which Jobs unveils the iPod and the iPhone and to then consider the scale of which products in the tech world have evolved. Not only are there six models of the iPhone, but almost every competing cell phone company has released its own version.

Another standout speech from this collection is the talk on the Google Glass, which is a much more accurate reflection of the sophistication of modern technology.

From health-related products to robotic evolution and new smartphones, this collection offers feelings of nostalgia when stacked up against the new products being unveiled at CES 2014.