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From Branding as a Community to Business Sweet Spots

 - Sep 21, 2012
This collection of brand differentiation strategies highlights the importance of creating a brand that is not only consistent and engaged with its consumers, but also one that is confident in its ability to distinguish itself from the rest.

In today's competitive business world, a brand has so many more things to consider than it did ten or 15 years ago. The increase of social media has not only ushered in a new platform on which consumers and brands can interact, it also means consumers can easily access information about competing brands. As a result, brands need to pay careful attention to their image and reputation in comparison to other competing names in the industry.

This collection of speakers features some of the most prominent names in business including Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki, Howard Schultz and Jeremy Gutsche.

The award-winning author and CEO of Jeremy Gutsche believes that building a brand that fully complements consumer needs, requires experimentation of different things, and also the acceptance of failure. This means that brands must be comfortable with going against their traditional strategies and beliefs.

Marc Pritchard, the Global Marketing & Brand-Building Officer at P&G, believes that one of the best branding differentiation strategies is the ability to market a better quality of life to consumers -- not just a better product.

Kevin Lane Keller encourages brands to establish points of parity and differences with their competitors because this enables them to focus on what it is that specifically sets them apart.

These branding differentiation strategies hone in on the growing importance of being well-informed on the competition.