77 Pro-Geek Innovations
Photos of 77 Pro-Geek Innovations (Via: Full Article)

77 Pro-Geek Innovations Photos

Not so long ago, being dubbed a geek or nerd was one of the most socially painful nicknames one could get. No so anymore. As this wide range of pro-geek designs shows, people are now embracing their…[More]


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Turntable-Inspired Phone Docks

1 Turntable-Inspired Phone Docks

Reinforced USB Cables

2 Reinforced USB Cables

Smartphone-Paired Syringes

3 Smartphone-Paired Syringes

Tortoiseshell Eco Vehicles

4 Tortoiseshell Eco Vehicles

Activity-Monitoring Pendants

5 Activity-Monitoring Pendants

Fish Tank Tables

6 Fish Tank Tables