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Advertise writer and Trendhunter. Copywriter of The UnCoolHunter.com .
Hernando have a map in his mind of what's going on in Buenos Aires.
He studied Advertise Writing in Underground Creative School www.underground-ad.com.ar. He has the degree in 2004.
Since 2001 he was studying Social Communication at UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). www.comunicacion.fsoc.uba.ar. Nowadays he studies for the specialization in Public opinion and Advertise. He's a consultant about The most IN culture in Buenos Aires for important Ad and Research agencies, including Lowe Worldwide, Ogilvy International, Cicmas, Identia Pr, AgendaInc, Trendguide.com. He`s speciallized in cualitative research.
He wants to get a view 360 degree , so he could find ideas about the OFF culture. In 2006 he founded The uncoolhunter.com to get a view about trash and bizarre way to see the world. www.theuncoolhunter.com