Women with Plaster Casts

By: Hernando Gomez Salinas - Nov 29, 2006
References: castfetish & theuncoolhunter
Fetishism consists of excited erotic feelings or the facilitation and achievement of an orgasm by means of an object, substance or a particular part of the body. In this case it is a about plaster cast in some part of the female body. Castfetish shows pictures, videos and proofs related to the fetish for women with plaster casts after they had fractured or broken a bone.

According to Freud, fetishism is considered a paraphilia or sexual deviation as a consequence of an infantile trauma with the fear of castration: when a kid discovers the absence of penis in his mother, he looks away from her terrified, and the first object he stares at after the trauma turns into his fetish object. So, according to Freud, it is possible that the fans of this web page saw their fathers or a relative with a plaster cast after...