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Must See Trends

play_circle_filled Leading Change Through Disruption
Leading Change Through Disruption
Tony Hunter’s Change Keynote at Future Festival
In this inspiring change keynote from Trend Hunter’s Future Festival, you’ll learn how to make change happen, based on the legendary experience of Tony Hunter, former CEO of the Chicago Tribune.... MORE
play_circle_filled Free 2019 Trend Report
Free 2019 Trend Report
Trend Hunter Released its Top 20 Trends in 2019 Forecast Video
Trend Hunter’s 2019 Trend Report and video have been released, offering a curated list of the year’s most exciting ideas and innovations, for free. With a value of $1,500, this annual Trend... MORE
Sleep-Friendly Ice Creams
Sleep-Friendly Ice Creams
Nightfood is Using the Popularity of Ice Cream to Promote Better Sleep
Ice cream is often considered to be a late-night indulgence and Nightfood is playing off this idea in its new sleep-friendly ice creams. Launching in February 2019, this new line of ice cream will... MORE
play_circle_filled AI & The Super Future
AI & The Super Future
Jeremy Gutsche's AI Keynote from Future Festival (Get Sale Tickets Now)
How much will AI impact YOUR future?  In this AI keynote, I talk about wild futuristic things happening with AI right now. Then I dive into the dramatic impact on innovation of AI when you... MORE
Tiny Portable Universal Chargers
Tiny Portable Universal Chargers
Lightr's Strengths Lie in Its Charging Capacity & Tiny Silhouette
Lightr is a newly released portable universal charger that is environmentally friendly and exceptionally convenient. Essentially, the product completely rethinks the concept of a power bank and... MORE
Tiny Portable Universal Chargers
Tiny Portable Universal Chargers
Lightr's Strengths Lie in Its Charging Capacity & Tiny Silhouette
Lightr is a newly released portable universal charger that is environmentally friendly and exceptionally convenient. Essentially, the product completely rethinks the concept of a power bank and... MORE
Frequency-Dependent Speakers
Frequency-Dependent Speakers
The 'Tone and Tune' Emits Sound on Various Materials
Plenty of speakers give users the ability to customize and tailor settings of a specific sound, but the Tone and Tune offer in-depth control by allowing listeners to tune their music to the... MORE
Wireless Multi-Device Chargers
Wireless Multi-Device Chargers
Wyrex Charges Android and iOS Devices, Apple Watches and Air Pods
Meet Wyrex, the ultimate way to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Wyrex charges devices wirelessly through Qi, a magnetic-induction technology. The Wyrex pad consists of six hidden parts: four... MORE
Functional Wellness Smoothies
Functional Wellness Smoothies
The 'Blasted with Benefits' Drinks Support New Year's Resolutions
To support people who are looking to take their health and well-being to the next level with the start of a fresh year, Planet Smoothie unveiled a trio of wellness smoothies. These all-new... MORE
Design-Forward Banking Services
Design-Forward Banking Services
Anna Wants to Take the Hassle Out of Banking for Creatives
Launched as a design-forward banking service, Anna is hoping to reduce admin hassle for small UK-based firms. Standing for “Absolutely No-Nonsense Admin,” the banking service is... MORE
Cost-Conscious Bridesmaid Dresses
Cost-Conscious Bridesmaid Dresses
Birdy Grey Sells Its Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses for $99
The cost of the average bridesmaid dress cost is said to be around $150, although a bride may opt to choose a style that’s hundreds of dollars, leaving many women desperate for affordable... MORE
5-for-1 Flash Sale
5-for-1 Flash Sale
Huge Deal Future Festival Team Tickets to Promote the Book Launch
I’m excited to announce that we have a very special 5-for-1 flash sale on Future Festival Tickets! To our accountant, a 5-for-1 deal seems like a terrible idea.  However, the blitz is... MORE
play_circle_filled Talking to Strangers
Talking to Strangers
Fascinating New Book by Malcolm Gladwell Releases Today
Today, superstar thinker Malcolm Gladwell launches his new book, Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know.  The book explores how our understanding of... MORE
Create the Future (New Book)
Create the Future (New Book)
Plus The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking
I’m thrilled to announce my new double-sided book, Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook - Tactics for Disruptive Thinking.  The 360 page guide is loaded with tactics, tools and... MORE
3D-Printed Knee Braces
3D-Printed Knee Braces
The Conceptual 'Safe Landing Garment' Offers a Contoured Fit
The conceptual ‘Safe Landing Garment’ has been designed by Hubert Chen as a revolutionary new approach to orthotics that will help to provide enhanced comfort and support for wearers.... MORE
Elegant Coffee Glassware Collections
Elegant Coffee Glassware Collections
KRUVE EQ Allows Connoisseurs to Experience Coffee's Flavour
KRUVE EQ—a product that is currently being funded on IndieGogo, is a collection of coffee glassware that puts taste first through design and science. The product line’s creators... MORE
play_circle_filled Inhalable Alcoholic Spirits
Inhalable Alcoholic Spirits
Cloud Buzz Focuses on Immediate Effect and Enjoyable Flavor
Described as a “refreshing” way to enjoy shots of a myriad of spirits, Cloud Buzz is a new start-up that hopes to revolutionize the way we consume alcohol. Served in specially designed balloons,... MORE
Wool Magazine: Trend Hunter Spotlights Areas of Innovation
Wool Magazine: Trend Hunter Spotlights Areas of Innovation
Shelby Walsh and Tana Makmanee in Wool
As a publication rooted in sparking innovative conversation, Wipro’s Wool Magazine understands the importance of detecting new trends as they emerge, which is why the brand collaborated with... MORE
Crowdfunded Limited-Edition Art
Crowdfunded Limited-Edition Art
This Art Project Addresses an Artist's Fame and Finance Problems
Artist Dimitri Likissas created a crowdfunding art concept that is unique in many ways. For the majority of us, collecting art is not within our budgets nor even on our minds. However, people do... MORE
Interactive eSports-Viewing Events
Interactive eSports-Viewing Events
'Play and Watch' is a Spectator-Focused eSports Event
Super League Gaming, the world’s premier amateur gaming platform, recently announced its ‘Play and Watch’ event in celebration of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Finals. Focused... MORE
play_circle_filled Advanced Travel Multitools
Advanced Travel Multitools
The STEAM CLIP is Compatible with All Showers and Hotel Hangers
STEAM CLIP is a multitool that helps savvy travelers get rid of wrinkles without an iron and make hotel life easier. When you think about it, every hotel room already has a built-in wrinkle solution MORE
Flavored Edible Straws
Flavored Edible Straws
Diageo is Creating Ecological Straws That are Meant to Be Eaten
Straws have become the latest target in ecological initiatives and drink giant Diageo is hoping to flex its eco-friendly credentials with the release of flavored edible straws. Meant to accompany... MORE
Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels
Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels
The Jumeirah Group is Opening a Hotel with a Wildlife Preserve
The Jumeirah Group, one of the UAE’s favorite hospitality brands, recently announced its sixth luxury property set to open on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Islands. While the Jumeirah Group is no... MORE
Developing Nation HIV Testers
Developing Nation HIV Testers
The 'CATCH HIV Detector' Offers Users the Ability to Test from Home
HIV prevalence on a worldwide scale maintains a high occurrence rate with new infections each year in the millions, so the conceptual ‘CATCH HIV Detector’ aims to help make it easier for... MORE