The Zurich Chamber Orchestra Campaign is Classical and Contemporary

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: ibelieveinadv
Light graffiti might be a young person's game, but the Zurich Chamber Orchestra campaign uses it to great affect. Appealing to the younger generations, it replaces classical instruments with mesmerizing lines of light, which happen to represent the finger movements of the musician captured. This was cleverly achieved by placing LEDs on their fingers.

Conceived and executed by Havas, an ad agency based in Zürich, Switzerland, the Zurich Chamber Orchestra campaign was art directed by Inken Rohweder with creative direction by Frank Bodin and Axel Eckstein. At once classical and contemporary, the images may target a large demographic, but it does so creatively and successfully.

The Zurich Chamber Orchestra campaign was shot by photographer Peter Hebeisen and finessed but not modified by graphic designer Luca Schneider.