This New Work by Zonenkinder Collective Brings Life to the Outdoors

Seemingly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the 'Tree Project' by Germany-based Zonenkinder Collective is subtle and a little off-putting.

Bound to startle more than a few passersby, the project is all about giving more life to trees. Often discreetly placed within nature, the unlikely faces are sometimes difficult to spot but provide a huge impact. Inspired by the "beauty and decay of nature," according to the site, this is street art with a strong message about the environment. Perhaps giving a face to trees is, by extension humanizing them, and giving the environment a voice of its own. No matter the true meaning of the Tree Project, this is an undeniably intriguing concept executed with great style and artistic ability.

Magical, with a touch of eeriness, this project is an inspiring movement by a motivated group of people. Street art lovers will surely be on the lookout for what's to come from Zonenkinder Collective.