The ZIPcycle Greatly Increases Efficiency by Significantly Reducing Drag

 - May 4, 2013
References: kgpds & plusmood
The designer of the ZIPcycle did some research into the factors that hold cyclists back from reaching increased speeds on conventional two-wheelers. It was determined that body positioning and aerodynamics play a significant role in slowing riders down when any wind resistance is experienced.

The solution to these issues comes in a sleek package that the KGP Design Studio calls the ZIPcycle. Its wheels, gears, chain, breaks and other fussy components are all covered in a streamlined aluminum case that functions as a monocoque chassis. With this slick form, drag is reduced to the extent that up to 40% less energy would be required to maintain a swift and comfortable pace with the ZIPcycle. The configuration works especially well with the recumbent bicycle seat.