Zilvinas Kempinas Explores the Artistic Side of Videotape With His 'Tube'

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: dvice
Artist Zilvinas Kempinas has finally found something to do with all of world's old VHS tapes; he turned them into an art installation. The installation took the form of a giant tube created using videotapes and was given the title 'Tube.'

The artist chose to work with tapes because of the extreme contrasts associated with them. The artist delved into the short lifespan of the VHS tape for the project, musing on everything from its color to strength. Kempinas noted that videotape is easily ripped, but that it is extremely stretchy. He also noted how its all-black color contrasted with the world of color it displayed once popped into a VCR. Not many people are as philosophical or artistic with videotapes, which is what makes Zilvinas Kempinas' 'Tube' a must-see.