The 'Zesty Citrus' Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings are Coated in Soda

'Buffalo Wild Wings' recently debuted a new flavor for its chicken wings called 'Zesty Citrus.' When it comes to wings, some people prefer them to be hot and spicy while others look for something more mild. This new chicken wing sauce goes beyond conventional flavors to give consumers an unexpected option.

The new Zesty Citrus sauce is designed to mimic the citrusy taste of Mountain Drew. In addition to the sweet soda, the sauce also contains lemongrass and red pepper flakes. The unique combination of ingredients gives the sauce a sweet and spicy flavor that enhances the taste of the tender chicken wings.

While the idea of covering chicken wings in soda may sound unusual, the dish is part of a promotion for Buffalo Wild Wing's sponsorship of the college football 'Citrus Bowl.'