The Zane Turner Encaustic Wax Works are Insanely Intricate Depictions

 - Dec 9, 2011
References: zaneturner & facebook
Artistic mediums are rapidly evolving as of late, but the Zane Turner Encaustic wax works of art will leave you in complete and utter awe.

Turner, a wildly talented Canadian-based creator, has harnessed the unique ability of turning blank canvas into mind-blowing captivation by coating it intricately in purely Encaustic wax. His portfolio consists of spectacular paint-splashed portraits blending skin and opposing pigments that will require some serious convincing to prove they're not Polaroids. Just when it seems like Turner must favor facial depictions, you'll stumble upon his rusty boat renderings that look like they've been plucked straight from an abandoned pier and realize he's got tons of creative tricks up his artistically-adept sleeve.

The Zane Turner Encaustic wax works are extremely elevated forms of art; the next-level kind of stuff that makes this artist capable of earning serious praise.