Zack Seckler's 'Birds' Series Examines His Avian Obsession

 - Nov 7, 2014
References: zackseckler & featureshoot
New York-based photographer Zack Seckler explores his fascination with wild creatures his series 'Birds.'As a child, Seckler's curiosity was far from satiated by unremarkable school trips to the zoo. Now, as an adult, he is able to use this series as a vehicle with which he can revisit his childhood enchantment with the animal kingdom.

Seckler photographed the animals on-location at a exotic pet company based out of Connecticut. Each animal revealed its own distinctive personality throughout the process; for instance, some birds were cheerful and talkative, while others remained watchful and quiet.

After photographing the birds, Seckler superimposed them onto backgrounds inspired by different island locales, from Bermuda to Costa Rica. The birds loom large in each setting, appearing as the avian kings of a fantastical realm.