Designer Yujie Hong and Lei Shi's Bamboo + Scale is Battery-Free

 - May 27, 2014
References: cargocollective & yankodesign
Designers Yujie Hong and Lei Shi creatively came up with the Bamboo + Scale that doesn't use electricity or battery power to determine your weight. Instead, the circular shape of the Bamboo + Scale puts your weight to use as your body physically show you how much you weigh.

The Bamboo + Scale is made from a rounded piece of yellow bamboo that creatively folds in on itself. The top portion of the scale cleverly slides into the bottom of the scale with a wooden tab. Along the tab are the incremental weight measurements and as a person stands on top of the Bamboo + Scale, the person's natural body weight pushes the tab into the bottom part of the scale. However far your body naturally pushes the tab reveals how much you weigh.