The Vague Bathroom Scale Won't Let You Obsess Over Every Pound

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: formboten
Those people who live by the tight pants test probably won't require the Vague Bathroom Scale; however, people who keep a close eye on every kilogram that they lose or gain could benefit psychologically from this product. The concept appliance has the precision to gauge one's exact mass, but it only discloses an approximate idea of this number.

The elegant, wood-wrapped Formboten invention doesn't actually display any numbers at all, it simply presents its user with a color gradient bar that indicates whether he might be in the green or the red zone. The latter suggests that you're heavier than your ideal weight. Stepping onto the Vague (Vage) Bathroom Scale forces you to shed unhealthy ideas about the meaning behind every ounce; after all, you naturally fluctuate by dozens of those each day.