These Bamboo Structures Could Provide Housing for Asia's Homeless

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: affect-t & gizmag
Architectural firm AFFECT-T has designed a bamboo homeless shelter prototype that could go some way towards easing the plight of homeless people in Southeast Asia. Each unit consists of two floors and measures only 15 square meters. However, this small space is designed to include a living room, kitchenette, bathroom, work space and sleeping quarters.

AFFECT-T believes that bamboo homeless shelters could be connected to other units and combined to form larger spaces for communal events and group activities. This facilitates the creation of a temporary community while occupants search for permanent public housing

The firm proposes that the tiny bamboo dwellings, which can be placed nearby other units to form small communities within Hong Kong's disused industrial buildings, would serve as temporary shelter while the occupants secure more stable and permanent public housing.

The units' simple designs can be constructed quickly and cheaply. The use of bamboo means that ceiling and wall patterns can be customized to provide varying levels of ventilation and privacy as appropriate.