Patreon is a New Subscription That Helps Ideas Becomes Products

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: techcrunch & theguardian
Patreon is a website that has very similar ideas and methods to the website Kickstarter in that the fans are able to help their favorite online creators continue to make the content that they love so much.

Patreon differs from Kickstarter in one major facet -- donations are not a one time deal; instead, they are a month-to-month investment, which may seem like a lot but when you remember that most online creators don't receive millions of dollars to produce their work, you begin to understand why the site's creators want this kind of commitment.

What makes Patreon great is that all the money goes back to the creators which means with no middle man they are able to spend that money continuing to make great content for the viewers.

Like Kickstarter, a prize pool can be added. Though it is not necessary it allows the creators to give back to the viewers who help them continue their dreams.