You Guys Should Lunch Pushes LinkedIn to Connect In Real Life

 - Nov 29, 2011
References: youguysshouldlunch
You Guys Should Lunch is an inventive capitalization of LinkedIn to further strategic networking back to the real world. As it stands LinkedIn is used by thousands of professionals to put them in contact with people who are useful to the network, but most of the interaction remains online. This website, created by Jonas Larsson seeks to put people together on a lunch rendez-vous. How it works is that by signing in with LinkedIN a contact may suggest that you and their boss, colleague, friend who loves tennis etc. may suggest that you have lunch together.

While this site is in the beginning phases of its implementation, with much work to do with the transition to English, adding more complex and aesthetic design elements and user-friendly capabilities, the idea itself is sound and inspirational. IRL connections (stands for 'in real life') are becoming so secondary that it even has its own accronym. You Guys Should Lunch is taking advantage of the services and capabilities of social media to bring people back to the real world.