The 'You are Not Special' Commencement Speech is Fascinating

 - Jun 11, 2012
References: youtube & mostwatchedtoday
It may seem odd that at a graduation the words 'You are Not Special' would be uttered, let alone delivered in the commencement speech, but that is exactly what David McCullough Jr. said to the 2012 graduating class at Wellesley High School. Located in Massachusetts, the high school got to witness one of the most viral graduation speeches that really toed the line between being de-motivational and simply telling the truth.

Essentially, McCullough Jr., an English teacher at the high school, says that no one is special in the class since there are 6.8 billion people on this earth. He then laid out the current situation with "we have, of late, we Americans to our detriment come to love accolades more than genuine achievement." Though the speech is certainly harsh and offbeat as a graduation address, the point is made that you must do more, be more and work harder for individual satisfaction to really set yourself apart as special.