Björn Ewers Showcases Neon Typography with the Help of a Professional Yogi

 - May 23, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Björn Ewers, a German photographer from Studio 314, teamed up with cmykay to create a vibrant yoga photography series that combines the modern form of exercise with an 80s aesthetic.

The series, titled 'Yoga To The Core,' features yogi Lena Fishman performing multiple yoga positions, which are much more complex than the downward dog, in front of neon-lit typographic signs. She can be seen in numerous handstand positions, in the splits and holding up her entire body's weight with only the palms of her hands. The signs behind her vividly reads yoga-promoting terms like 'I bend so I don't break,' 'Yoga to the core' and 'Yoga every damn day.'

Her clothes, the background and the neon typography come together perfectly and give the illusion of an 80s disco or aerobics class.