Yoga Poses Make Ticketing a More Relaxing Process

 - Oct 18, 2010
References: & iconoculture
Parking Tickets are never a pleasure to receive.  There is an unceremonious aspect to coming back to one’s car and finding a token of appreciation from the local police department. Even worse is when the officer hands the ticket directly to you. It’s like being caught with your hand in the cookie jar - only worse because you get fined.

That experience will never be the same in Cambridge, MA. In September, the Cambridge Police Department rolled out "yoga parking tickets" -- ticket envelopes that have yogic postures for giving and receiving parking tickets.

The envelopes are designed by Associate Professor, Daniel Peltz as part of the 'Of, By and For' art exhibition. Also part of the exposition? New parking signage and the launch of a fictional parking regulation authorizing "soft-booting," in which stuffed fabric parking boots will be fabricated at a sewing station in the atrium of the Traffic, Parking and Transportation offices (produced in collaboration with the Swedish conceptual craft artist Sissi Westerberg).

Image Credits: City of Cambridge | The Police Daily |