Expedia Compiled a Handy Stretching Guide for Yoga and Travel

 - Nov 17, 2015
References: dailymail
While an airplane might seem like a less-than-ideal place for stretching weary limbs, the 'Yoga in the Sky' guide proves that yoga and travel are activities that are perfectly suited to one another.

The series of 10 illustrated graphics were created for Expedia.co.uk in collaboration with chartered physiotherapist and certified yoga teacher Dr Christopher, as well as experts from Iyengar Yoga Deutschland. From Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana I to Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana In Tadasana, all of the poses can be carried out in an airline seat, or in an aisle, which is especially useful for overall health. In particular, these moves are useful for the prevention of blot clots, swollen legs and cramps, while also encouraging the restoration of balance and alertness.

Rather than simply herding people from one place to another, many major players in the travel industry are now putting a greater emphasis on the health, comfort and happiness of passengers.