Arlenis Sosa for Yo Dona May 2011 ShowsOoff Some Hot Weather Clothing

When I look at this editorial for Yo Dona May 2011, I get a feeling that only comes with weather that is as hot and sticky as the one photographed. The summery vibe is palpable and you can already imagine yourself lying in the sun when you take a look through the images.

Showing off various swimsuits of bold colors and prints as well as casual beach wear, model Arlenis Sosa is beaming in the Yo Dona May 2011 shoot from all the sun’s rays she has soaked in on the beach. Photographer Miguel Reveriego also captures her indoors where she looks longingly to get back outside to the beautiful weather.

This editorial for Yo Dona May 2011 captures summer perfectly not only through the hot and sticky weather, but also the sultry vibe of the season.