The Yeti Touch Defrosting Tray Can Defrost Frozen Food in 20 Minutes

 - Jan 11, 2018
References: kickstarter
Both seasoned and amateur chefs are familiar with the painful realization of forgetting to defrost one's food prior to beginning the cooking preparation, which is why the Yeti Touch defrosting tray will serve as such a valuable cooking tool.

This innovative kitchen aid can defrost frozen meats, poultry and fish in as quickly as 20 minutes. The tray was made with Aero-aluminum with enamel coating and can effectively "pull the chill away from the meat," while the water residue becomes collected in a detachable container under the tray. This design eliminates the mess associated with defrosting food, while also ensuring that one is preparing their meals safely.

To make matters even more convenient, the tray functions without the need for batteries, plugs or electricity.