Xue Wang Depicts Horrific Hospital Scenarios with Cutesy Women

 - Dec 15, 2011
References: xuewangart.blogspot & ufunk.net
Many art aficionados will point out that the illustrations of Xue Wang are highly evocative of Mark Ryden's work. It's a fair comparison as the two have a penchant for painting petite women with humungous heads and eyes in fantasy scenarios.

Putting visuals aside though, Xue Wang's work is also similar to Ryden's in the macabre concepts and ideas it presents. For instance, in Wang's 'The Unclouded Mind' series, the UK-based artist illustrates nurses working at a hospital which has clearly become disorderly as exposed brains are out in the open and animals are stitched together in ungodly ways. This is not unlike something Ryden would do.

But just because Wang's work highly parallels that of Ryden's, doesn't mean it's a bad thing. The visuals produced by both talents are in a class of their own and the more images viewers get with these stunningly odd females, the merrier.