The 'XTRUD' Cellphone is the Last Phone That You'll Ever Buy

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: yankodesign
Instead of spending hundreds of dollars upgrading your phone every year, you can now use the ‘XTRUD’ cellphone and never buy a new phone again. The XTRUD was designed to allow you to replace every part of the phone. Thus, if you only want that new HD camera, you can buy the lens and fit it into your phone. As a result, the phone saves you money while being completely customizable.

The XTRUD works by providing a single frame that contains every component. As you slowly upgrade your phone, the general structure of your phone remains the same. Though you are never fully changing your phone, replacing things piece by piece means that your phone is constantly evolving. Since the price of individual phone parts is much less than an entire phone, XTRUD works to save you money and keep your tech up to date