The 'Xtnd Board' Uses AI to Adapt to Your Riding Style

 - May 25, 2017
References: kickstarter & newatlas
Equipped with machine-learning technology and artificial intelligence, the 'Xtnd Board' is the smartest electric skateboard on the market. With a good battery range and top speed charging times, the skateboard, which is pronounced 'Extend' is jam-packed with top of the line technology, in a light-weight package.

Using machine learning, the board is capable of adjusting its settings to match the rider's previously recorded styles and speeds, suggesting the most efficient routes, locking the wheels when the rider has dismounted the board, and has the ability to track the board's location through a mobile app, should it get stolen or lost.

The Xtnd Board also comes equipped with top of the line safety features, including built in lights that switch on automatically after sunset, and 'speed regulators' which smooth out any 'wobbles' the rider might experience. Through an app, riders can select and customize their board to ride in specific ways that best suit their personal styles.