Xavier Lucchesi Sees Right Through his Subjects in 'Radioportraits' Series

 - Mar 19, 2012
References: x-lucchesi & designboom
Photographer Xavier Lucchesi has a new perspective on photography. Many photographers experiment with different types of lenses, lighting conditions and subjects throughout their careers. Xavier Lucchesi pushes this spirit of exploration further than most; rather than limit himself to the visible light spectrum, Xavier Lucchesi has shot a series photographs using x-rays.

Rembrandt had an eye for capturing the visceral, expressive sometimes lurid details of humanity. In a similar vein, these Xavier Lucchesi photographs depict a certain fragility in their subjects. The people in these x-ray portraits are shown as we all are: ultimately temporary beings of flesh and blood. However, the expressive, even sympathetic body language of Xavier Lucchesi’s subjects suggest a depth of spirit and thought beyond mere flesh and blood.

Photo Credits: designboom | x-lucchesi