Nick Veasey Photography

 - Jun 24, 2008
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Nick Veasey combines x-ray technology with his art form, bring his already incredible work to a new level. His intriguing photographs of simple things like bladder wrack, a type of seaweed, or the flowing lines of garments or even common objects like a doll or hairdryer, offer a different view of things around us, as was his intention.

In his skillful hands, his photo of what an airport x-ray machine might reveal in a suitcase, becomes art. Some of his most outstanding examples are those that involve people - like the farmer in the tractor or people on a bus or the transition photos of a skeleton into a footballer. He also has what a Jimmy Choo pair of shoes looks like still packaged!

His photographs are all stunning, his portfolio a joy to go through. As he says, "Beauty, after all, comes from within".