The X Prize Foundation Tasks Inventors to Make Innovative Robotics

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: fastcompany & gizmodo
The X Prize Foundation is offering an $8 million dollar bounty for any inventor who is capable of creating human-controlled robot avatars. The foundation currently operates as a nonprofit organization helmed by Peter Diamandis, that funds technological grand challenges. The goal of this recent challenge is to push creators to develop the next step in remote interaction by utilizing technology and robotics. The current draft of the challenge states that all entries must be able to pick up objects as small as a playing card or as heavy as debris, and must be controlled by a human operator 100 kilometers away.

Creators looking to enter the recent X Prize Foundation will have until 2021 to present their bot, which will be judged based on the five senses. Operators should have access to all senses when controlling the avatars, and voices must be audible when interacting with live humans. The bots will receive further judgement based on set-up time and how long the robots can operate on a single charge.

Image Credit: Mihai Maxim