The Wrecking Crew Orchestra Puts on a Show from Another World

The Wrecking Crew Orchestra put on one of the most creative dance routines this world has ever seen. The entire set was performed in pitch black while the members of the dance team wore light-up suits that looked as if they were straight out of TRON.

What made this routine absolutely amazing was the fact that their suits were not on the whole time, but rather certain ones would come on in rhythm with the music. So while there were eight people on stage the whole time, only some of them were visible at different points throughout the show. This gave the performers freedom to move around in the dark, making it so that no one ever knew when they were going to pop up. The team used this effect to their advantage and often had one suit shut off and another turn on at the same time to create a moving picture effect. The dancers also picked each other up in the air as if one of them was floating though the darkness.