Lucas Simões Honors the Birth of Cinema

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
When filmmamker Eadweard Muybridge first discovered cinema, he did something similar to São Paulo, Brazil-based artist Lucas Simões -- he used several photographs together to recreate one single action. Similarly, Simões weaves a series of sequential photos to produce a sense of motion and, thus, create a short story.

The series titled Quasi-cinema and consists of a collection of shots delicately bended in half and sewed together on fabric and wood. The slight bend creates a distorted sequence of action of a subject on location. In order to create a sense of motion, each photo is slightly different from the other, but once woven together, they give life to a narrative. The artist explains, "They are photos that represent a frame from a film. Each photo is often revealed by merely moving the image within the photo a few millimeters."

Lucas Simões honors the birth of cinema in an artistic and unique way.