From 4-Legged Boots to Porcupine-Spiked Heels

 - Oct 25, 2008   Updated: Jul 6 2011
References: fabuless-fashionista.blogspot
To think, I thought shoe design could not possibly get worse than the Marc Jacobs reverse-heel design debacle (#5 in the gallery). It clearly can. Honestly, who would wear a shoe made out of a sex toy or a dead dog?

These bizarre shoes can't be grouped into fetish-focused footwear like pony shoes and other punitive designs can. They are just horrifying--well, except for the grey lace-up ones.

Implications - Current media moguls such as Lady Gaga are encouraging their fans to embrace pop culture-inspired styles to express their individuality. For this reason, consumers now embrace fashions that make bold statements about their values due to their flamboyant designs. Companies can cater to young demographics by taking inspiration for their product designs from popular celebrities.