The World Mirror Delivers Panoramas from Every Corner of the Planet

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
The sad fact about urban life is that a lot of people wake up and don't even bother to peer out the window. Many major cities have become drab, no matter what the weather is doing. Interestingly, the World Mirror does not encourage you to examine your own outdoor surroundings each morning, rather offering you an enormous gallery of images of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

You can take your own photographs and send them wirelessly to the Electrolux digital window, or you can pick one of the available vistas. FangYi Lu envisions people choosing virtual views that really inspire them or lift their moods. For a fully absorbing experience before your imagined out-of-doors, the World Mirror can eject mist and fog and alter the room's temperature to match your simulated location.