These Circular Wooden Wall Hooks Are Decorated as Minimalistic Faces

Adding a bit of creativity and playfulness to the home are these wooden wall hooks designed by that take inspiration from Kokeshi Dolls. The hooks are decorated in minimalistic designs to look like miniature faces with dainty expressions and costumed attire. The hooks can be used to on doors, walls and even chests of drawers to add a whimsical design element to the home.

The hooks are fashioned out of solid oak, giving them a sturdy and easy to clean design that is ideal for use in children spaces. The hooks are also coated with a non-toxic varnish so that they are safe to handle on a daily basis. Each hook is decorated differently with two small black dots for eyes, a head of hair and some sort of identifiable facial feature. For example, one set features a David Bowie-inspired hook with a lightning bolt design and another is decorated as a pirate with an eye patch.