NLÉ Works Engineered an A-Framed Academy to House Classrooms on The Water

 - May 31, 2016
References: nleworks & designboom
NLÉ Works is the design team behind the 'Makoko Floating School' that is built to offer classroom space on the open water. The structure is built using an A-frame constructed out of timber and blue barrels located underneath to keep the structure floating above the water. The triangular shape of the building allows for multiple storeys to provide additional space to teach students without building above ground.

The 'Makoko Floating School' is an ideal building solution for communities that lack land space to build, but have a growing population. The school is built entirely out of wood and offers classrooms on the middle level, a green space for playing down below and an exposed rooftop at the top. The design of the school is small and compact, providing portable teaching space by utilizing water architecture.Photo Credits: designboom, nleworks